Visa Extensions and visa conditions -issued February 2021 by INZ

Visitor visas

INZ has extended visitor visas for two months from date of expiry for those:

  • In New Zealand on 19 February 2021, and
  • Who hold a temporary visitor visa that expires between 19 February 2021 and 31 March 2021 inclusive.

The extension is automatic, and there is no fee.

But be aware that the extension does not apply to COVID-19 short term visitor visas.

Although the new expiry dates are not yet visible on visas, the extension is valid. Visa holders who are eligible for the extension are not considered unlawful. If you hold a visitor visa and wish to remain in New Zealand for longer, you will need to apply for another visa before your visa expires.

NOTE: It will not be able to confirm your visa status by calling Immigration Call Centre. But you can check your new expiry dates on the Visa Verification Service after 5 March.


Visa conditions:

The rule where visitor visa holders can only be in New Zealand for nine months out of an eighteen month period has been waived temporarily. And this applies to people in New Zealand who apply for visitor visas before the end of June. If applicants meet all other requirements for a visitor visa, they will be eligible for a visitor visa of up to six months.

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