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At IANZL, we offer a wide range of visa applications, as well as complex immigration matters.

Resident Visa

Compared to most countries in the world, New Zealand offers a great work-life balance. That’s reflected time and time again in international surveys. Moving to New Zealand also means experiencing what many people describe as one of the greenest and most beautiful countries you could find. Just think of the scenery in Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit and you’ve got the picture.

Work Visa

New Zealand offers a range of work visas. All are temporary, though some can lead to residence. Temporary visas allow you to live and work in New Zealand for a set period of time. Working temporarily can be used as a step towards gaining residence and settling here permanently.

Student Visa

The New Zealand government has strong quality assurance systems to ensure high-quality education at all levels of the education system, both public and private. New Zealand’s diverse education system gives you a wide range of programs and institutions to choose from, in any region of the country.

Visitor Visa

Having a valid passport and the right visa is key to a trouble-free entry into New Zealand. When you arrive, your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date, and if required, have a valid New Zealand visa, which allows you to holiday in New Zealand for up to nine months.

Bring Family

If your partner is already in New Zealand, or you and your partner are applying for a visa to come to New Zealand together, you may be eligible for a visa based on your partnership. You’ll need to show that you’re living together in a genuine and stable relationship to be granted a visa based on your partnership.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

The investor and entrepreneur categories are built to contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth by attracting smart capital and business expertise. There are a range of visas that allow experienced business people to buy or run a business, or to live and invest in New Zealand.

Complex Matters

At IANZL, we handle complex immigration matters, including declined applications/ PPI letters/ letters of concern/ unlawfully stays/ Appeals against deportation.

We also specialise in requesting character and medical waivers on behalf of our clients.

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