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Parent resident visas

Parent Retirement Resident Visa

If you have an adult child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, you can apply to live in New Zealand permanently. You’ll need an annual income of NZ $60,000 plus NZ $1 million to invest for 4 years, and another NZ $500,000 to live on. Once you’ve completed the 4-year investment period, you’ll be eligible for permanent residence.

Parent Resident Visa–applications reopen in 2020

From February 2020, you can apply for a Parent Resident Visa again, although there will be changes to the criteria you need to meet.

New income levels for sponsors
The income levels for sponsors will be updated each year based on the New Zealand median income. The current median income is NZD $53,040.

Expected income levels for 2020
If your sponsorship is based on your personal income, you will need to earn before tax:

  • NZD $106,080 to sponsor 1 parent
  • NZD $159,120 to sponsor 2 parents.

If you are using both you and your partner’s income, you will need to earn between you:

  • NZD $159,120 to sponsor 1 parent
  • NZD $212,160 to sponsor 2 parents.

Sponsors will also need to:

  • meet the income criteria for 2 out of the 3 years before their parents applied for residence, and
  • provide evidence of their annual income by providing Inland Revenue tax statements.
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